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#71: AI for everyone, Hassan Sawaf’s journey to a no-code AI


About this episode

When Hassan Sawaf started working on machine learning in the 90s in Germany, no one thought advancements in AI would bring us to where we are today. Not even Hassan himself! In fact, people thought the AI field was too ‘theoretical’.

In this conversation, Hassan talks to us about AI’s evolution and his vision for aiXplain, a company he is building out of California that aims to make AI accessible to builders and innovators and provide them with tools to prototype their ideas with low or no-code. Hassan has been in the driving seat of the AI evolution and has led AI efforts in some of the world’s leading companies; eBay, Amazon AWS and Meta, he is a serial entrepreneur, sits on several boards, has a Ph.D. in machine learning algorithms for speech translation applications and has 60+ patents and publications in the field.

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Hassan Sawaf, Founder & CEO aiXplain

guest profile

Hassan Sawaf

Hassan is the founder and CEO of aiXplain, inc., a company that provides AI and ML solutions for various domains and applications, such as e-commerce, health care, education, and entertainment. He has graduated in computer science from RWTH Aachen University, one of the leading research institutions in Europe.

With over 25 years of experience in developing and deploying cutting-edge technology from academia to market, Hassan is a recognized expert and leader in the field of AI and ML. He has contributed to the advancement of machine translation, speech recognition, computer vision, natural language understanding, dialog, and process optimization. He has also held senior positions at Facebook AI, Amazon Web Services, Amazon, and eBay, where he built and led teams that delivered impactful products and services. Hassan is passionate about creating technology for the next generation of AI applications, enabling businesses and individuals to do more with AI/ML.

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