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#70: What is a hybrid kitchen and how to build one, with Jihad El Eit


About this episode

‘I have my termination letter framed in my office’ that is the first thing that Jihad said to me when I first met him. Jihad El Eit, is the Founder & Group CEO at Kaykroo, the region’s creator of home grown brands like Manoushe Street, the Good Bowl, Fern el Balad, the Pasta Cup and many more.

Jihad has a fascinating entrepreneurial journey that started after the company he worked at i2 shut down in 2007. Immediately after, Jihad saw an opportunity to become the distributor of Nokia in Pakistan, so he packed his bags and moved from Dubai to Pakistan to pursue it!

A few years later, another opportunity arose to open a Lebanse Street Food concept with friends and Manoushe Street was born. After exiting his business in Pakistan, Jihad went all in on food and beverage and expanded Manoushe Street which became Kaykroo in 2020, a series of hybrid kitchens serving over 40 brands in the UAE & Saudi Arabia. With $50m in investments to date, Kaykroo is scaling fast. Jihad shares his story, his insights on the food and beverage industry and plenty of advice for entrepreneurs looking to enter the space.

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Jihad El Eit Founder of Kaykroo

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Jihad El Eit

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