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Kristel Bechara on embracing NFTs and crypto currencies


About this episode

This inaugural episode for Season 2 delves into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and gives you a high-level overview of their use cases. We talk to Kristel Bechara, the award-winning Lebanese artist residing in Dubai about her experience being the first artist from the MENA region to mint and sell NFTs. Why do you need to know about NFTs? Because the underlying technology of NFTs could become ubiquitous sooner than you think and ultimately everything that we own could be made into and traded as an NFT.

Table of contents:

00:00 | Loulou’s vision for the podcast

01:46 | Introduction to NFTs (Beeple’s reaction to US$69M NFT sale)

07:58 | Kristel’s journey as an artist with images from her latest collection Psychomachia

11:02 | Kristel’s introduction to NFTs

13:34 | How and where to create and sell an NFT (Smart contracts, platforms & wallets)

23:32 | Investing in Ether and NFTs are here to stay

25:55 | Would NFTs level the playing field for female artists?

29:10 | Are there challenges specific to the ME region

29:57 | Wrapping our heads around “collecting” digital art

38:59 | Where can you buy Kristel’s NFTs and how to connect with her

40:26 | Advice for artists

42:24 | Closing Remarks


Special thanks to these wonderful gentlemen for offering their insights and research material on the topic.

Henri Asseily @rikkles

Karim Sarkis @kmsarkis

Toufii Saliba @toouufii

Elie Habib @elie_h

If you like to delve more into my research process below are some resources that provided valuable insights and background for this episode:

listen to the episode

guest profile

Kristel Bechara

Kristel Bechara is a Lebanese award-winning contemporary artist most known for her eclectic style and her mixing of black and white with bright and electrifying colors. Kristel’s work has been displayed in galleries around the world from Tokyo, Milano, Brussels, France and the UAE. Her work has won her the UAE Resident Artist Award at the 2018 World Art Dubai for her collection, Beauty in Diversity. Kristel was in the headlines again this year for becoming the first MENA based artist to enter the crypto world and sell NFTs to global collectors, a step that has cemented her reputation as an artist who is also a savvy entrepreneur. Kristel is an avid traveler, a wife and a mother of two.

To learn more about Kristel’s work you can visit her website

To see and buy her NFT collection visit Foundation App

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