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Courtney Powell on scaling 500 global, investing in MENA, motherhood and entrepreneurship


About this episode

Courtney Powell Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer at 500 Global, shares her remarkable journey from entrepreneur to global venture capital leader. Discover the origins and global investments of the firm, the innovative accelerator model, and the strategic expansion into emerging markets.

Courtney also reflects on her entrepreneurial path, highlighting the challenges of running a startup and the crucial role of female representation in venture capital. She provides valuable advice for female entrepreneurs, particularly mothers, on balancing career and family. The episode wraps up with a rapid-fire Q&A, where Courtney shares her thoughts on de-stressing, resiliency, and more. Don’t miss this episode packed with inspiration, investment insights, and personal stories.

00:00 Understanding Venture Math

00:39 Introduction and Sponsor Message

01:42 Meet Courtney Powell

02:43 The Journey of 500 Global

05:19 Courtney’s Entrepreneurial Path

10:04 The Role of Education in Entrepreneurship

13:19 Challenges and Realities of Startups

18:19 500 Global’s Expansion into MENA

22:12 Investing in Emerging Markets

34:36 The Series B Crunch and Capital Gaps 39:01 Supporting Emerging Fund Managers

39:30 Introduction to Fundraising at 500

39:44 Introduction to 500’s VC Unlocked Program

40:44 Challenges in Emerging Markets

42:55 Advice for Emerging Fund Managers

45:39 Role of Angel Investors

49:59 500 Startups Investment Strategy

53:34 Perfecting the Pitch

58:12 Women in Tech and Venture Capital

01:06:32 Balancing Entrepreneurship and Career

01:09:21 Rapid Fire Questions



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Courtney Powell

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