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My vision is to inspire the region’s next generation of leaders to become the best version of themselves by making this podcast a learning platform, by bringing you stories that are relevant, timely and insightful and by sharing practical tips that you can use to thrive.

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Imad Ghandour
Co-founder & Managing Partner
CedarBridge Capital Partners


Imad Ghandour shares insights on private equity in MENA, focusing on CedarBridge Capital Partners’ approach. He discusses their successful exit from The Grooming Company Holding, management strategies, operational excellence, and crisis management

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Episode 78

Vadim shares his learnings from being a professional Basketball athlete in Germany and the USA and how he used discipline to venture into a career as a CEO of Groupon Eastern Europe and then founding Bioniq, a global personalized supplements company!

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Episode 77

Courtney shares insights on entrepreneurship, dealing with failure, balancing motherhood and career as well as how the 500 Global model works, what makes the perfect pitch, fundraising and so much more! A must listen for entrepreneurs and VC investors

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Will NFTs eat the world?

The master entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously coined the term “Software is eating the world” in 2011 heralding the ubiquitous mass adoption of

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