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My vision is to inspire the region’s next generation of leaders to become the best version of themselves by making this podcast a learning platform, by bringing you stories that are relevant, timely and insightful and by sharing practical tips that you can use to thrive.

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Dana Baki
Co-Founder & COO


Dana and I go through her journey building MUNCH:ON from how she met her co-founder to figuring out governance, product testing, to fundraising, to scaling and dealing with an existential crisis to selling the business. A must listen!

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Episode 73

What can Middle East founders learn from the China tech playbook? How can the Venture capital community come together to attract global funding? What are the winning industries for MENA? A super insightful conversation!

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Episode 72

I sat down with Huda Al-Lawati, a veteran Private Equity executive to discuss the development of the industry in the Middle East & North Africa. Who qualifies for PE? What are the opportunities? The challenges? and what to expect from PE funds?

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Will NFTs eat the world?

The master entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously coined the term “Software is eating the world” in 2011 heralding the ubiquitous mass adoption of

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